Imagine if you will, in this country of 300 million people, that one person is so uncaring, heartless, cowardly as to deny our neighbor’s children food, allow our neighbors to be evicted from their homes, allow our unemployed neighbors benefits they are entitled to.

This one person will allow our community to lose businesses and funds for them to meet the salaries of their employees and the basic needs necessary to maintain a viable community. This one person is denying our state, counties, and cities the funds available to fight COVID-19.

This one person is preventing everyone from receiving the $1,400 stimulus that our neighbors are relying on to put food on the table.

Again, imagine if you will, in this state of North Dakota of 700,000-plus people, there are two such people. They are not worried that their children will go hungry, that they will be unemployed, or they will be evicted from their homes.

One such person is Sen. John Hoeven. One such person is Sen. Kevin Cramer. Either of one of these one such person’s vote is all that is needed to pass the current stimulus package.

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North Dakotans are caring people. We ask that you take care of our neighbors.

Bill Heigaard, Grand Forks