The Democrats’ discrimination and systemic racism against white farmers continues, this time with a $1.9 trillion dollar bill that includes provisions to forgive all USDA direct and guaranteed loans to all non-white farmers. Plus give them an added 20% to pay for the taxes on this free money. This is on top of the democrats “Justice” bill which will buy every Black farmer and any black who wants to farm over the next 10 years 160 acres of land, even large Black farmers who farm thousands of acres.

These two discriminatory and racist bills are on top of the $2.25 billion paid out to Black farmers, $1.33 billion to Hispanic farmers, and $650 million to Native American farmers during the Obama and Clinton administrations, plus the millions in incentives and grants all non-white farmers are eligible for in the current farm program. All these programs are racist and discriminatory to white farmers, especially the small white farmer who will now be at a huge disadvantage to minority farmers. I encourage all white farmers and whites in general to get organized and start fighting back against the Biden administration and the well organized Black groups pushing this racist agenda.

Gary Jordheim, Thompson, N.D.

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