It is to my utter dismay that the School Board has decided to make it so that high school students will be attending school full time starting March 8. It is also of much confusion to me, the reasoning behind such a change. The idea that a student that goes to school full time, just days after having every other day to work and learn at their own pace, is better off both mentally and learning wise is unthinkable.

It simply makes no sense. Such a drastic and swift change will simply cause students to spiral out of control and cause even more stress. The same can be seen when we look at what happened last March when we were caused to close schools. Things did not transition smoothly to say the least, and things were so bad that we had to have our grades bumped up an entire letter grade. This was not because of the lack of teaching but because of the much needed swift change.

In this case it is not needed and comes at an extremely awkward time. Those I have talked with at Central have agreed with me that the timing makes no sense, and the fact that we would be making such a drastic change about seven weeks into our third quarter would simply make this change worthless.

And then it comes to the issue of COVID protocol. While this does have the support of medical officials, we can easily see that any argument that is tied with COVID cases falls quickly. We do not have accurate information about COVID in our schools because nobody gets tested. Out of the many people I have talked with over this topic, few have gotten tested more than once, if at all. And testing should not be a problem in our school district, as UND regularly holds free public testing events weekly. Unless we have mandatory testing I can see no way that this argument can be upheld.

COVID is still a serious problem, and it still needs to be treated as one.

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John Vandeberg, Grand Forks

Vandeberg is a sophomore at Grand Forks Central High School