Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach may not be a stupid or dishonest person, but her recent op-ed rant about the Enbridge Oil Pipeline (Feb. 5 Herald, “Biden should make good on his pledge for unity”) has to make you wonder.

According to Fischbach, this pipeline is vital to Minnesota’s economy and President Joe Biden can be blamed for the opposition it receives.

In Minnesota, she says, those opposing the pipeline represent the far left, liberal special interests, the radical left, or are urban environmentalists

Some politicians like to exaggerate, fib, and use the boogeymen to rile up their supporters. That does not make anything they say smart or true. In this case it is particularly inappropriate because Fischbach starts and ends her editorial complaining that President Biden is not doing enough to unify our country.

And, for the record, the pipeline could at best have only a small impact on Minnesota’s economy, it was controversial long before Biden became president and the opposition includes mostly mainstream Minnesotans.

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Dexter Perkins, Grand Forks