To stop the riots, protests and widespread unrest, Congress (attention: Sens. Hoeven and Cramer and Rep. Armstrong) must promptly enact legislation which clearly redefines the corporation as a man-made institution and drop the legal fiction that corporations are people. Corporations are not entitled to the human rights of citizenship such as their present claim to unlimited campaign contributions as a right of free speech. This extremely nonsensical claim to the human right of free speech is a major factor in the use of money to corrupt our political/governmental system. The founders of our nation would have considered corporate campaign spending as the essence of political corruption as per legal historian Z. Teachout. The founders did not design the U.S. to be an oligarchy, governed by the rich.

The recent events in D.C. should help our members of Congress realize that changes need to be made in our political/governmental system. In fact many, many national surveys tell us that more than 80% of Americans have little or no faith in our political/governmental system and believe that it is corrupted by big money and does not serve all citizens equally and fairly. They do not want to return to the old “normal” corrupted system but to rather move forward to a more fairly represented government which provides peace and justice for all. This will require the engagement of all citizens in political activity from the local to the national level.

A glimmer of hope in this direction is the call for active and informed involvement in our democracy, issued by Humanities North Dakota. What is HND? Can anything good come out of North Dakota? As they asked in the Good Book, can anything good come out of Nazareth? And the answer was, come and see.

Yes, check it out. Go to North Dakota is way ahead in serving people with its State Bank. Maybe HND will do likewise.

Monroe Pederson, Hatton, N.D.