In regard to the question that letter-writer Collin Evenson asked about why Canada doesn’t have a pipeline for their tar sands: They do have a small pipeline, which was built in 1952. It’s called the Trans Mountain pipeline. It goes from Alberta to British Columbia. It’s a small pipe and doesn’t carry a lot of oil. The oil company wanted to build a larger line running parallel to the existing one which would transport tar sand oil. The citizens do not want that pipeline built for environmental reasons. Why displease their people when they can run Keystone through the U.S.

The tar sand oil will be going through the U.S. and to the Texas coast where it will be going overseas. The Line 3 pipeline also carries tar sand oil. Why do we want that kind of oil when we have our own oil? We are trying to move to the future of renewable energy. Tar sand oil is more toxic than crude. A spill will affect the land for generations to come.

Shirley Kupper, Roseau, Minn.

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