As the Line 3 replacement continues across Northern Minnesota, it’s impressive to see the work that these crews can do as they construct such a large-scale project that spans over 300 miles across our state.

This important infrastructure update is essential for Minnesota. Replacing an aging pipeline that has been in operation since the 1960s with one that is newer, better and stronger isn’t easy, but it’s what must be done.

When completed, we can all sleep better knowing that the much-needed resource that travels under us is moved even more safely than the previous pipeline. It’s definitely better than using the trucks and trains that would otherwise carry it.

The hard work being done on this project now will benefit the region long into the future. Our land will be better protected, and the communities along the route will continue to benefit from the increases in tax revenue.

After a year where so many things have gone wrong, it’s encouraging just to watch this work take place. 2020 felt like a big step back in many ways, but now the work on Line 3 is a beacon of hope as we head into this new year.

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Let’s keep Line 3 construction moving forward and use its momentum to continue lifting up our communities.

Larry and Tami LePier, Fosston, Minn.