Sens. Hoeven and Cramer and Rep. Armstrong, there is a cost to lies and omissions. “Stop the Steal” is a lie. When you communicate with us you are omitting that it is a lie. The political standard cannot be what the crowd likes to get their vote. The political standard needs to be that you honor your voters by telling us the truth. When will you tell us in plain language that the election was fair?

Do not muddy your message with “there needs to be an election investigation.” This is useful as a GOP talking point, but not reality. Republicans and Democrats turned out in record numbers. There was no violence. States were challenged and did recounts. Local officials did what was essential. They did what they were supposed to do. They did not do the easy or political thing. Pressure was immense. Local officials did their jobs; the courts did their jobs.

All the challenges came, and everyone did their job, not what was expedient or political. Congress did their job in the middle of the night after they had to run for their lives from the mob that our president mobilized to stop them and Vice President Pence from doing their jobs. You all were there. How can you not acknowledge what has happened? Did you not see insurgents, the injured or the dead?

Hope is the power to be optimistic when times look desperate. Last week our democracy looked desperate to our country and the world. How can the people of North Dakota unite and be hopeful if you mislead us? How can the country move forward if you are not willing to stand up for our democracy? Step up. Acknowledge that the election was fair. To heal we require your straightforward acknowledgement that the election was fair and not stolen.

Kaye Carlson, Grand Forks