The rigors and suffering of the coronavirus pandemic demonstrated the perseverance, resilience, and generosity of the American people, but also exposed – sometimes in mind- boggling detail – the greed, hypocrisy, and indifference of the establishment elite.

The year 2020 illuminated and clarified the disparity between America’s privileged – in government, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, corporate America and the corporate press – and everyone else. In short, our elites continue to believe that most people were born with saddles on their backs while a favored few were born booted and spurred to ride them, legitimately.

Thanks to 2020, we’ve discovered that equal justice does not exist.

We’ve also learned that:

  • Accurate and truth-based science had little to do with the attempted shutdowns. Power and prejudice did.

  • Religious liberty is expendable.

  • Lockdowns for thee but not for me.

  • Silicon Valley wants you to shut up.

  • Elites are okay with chaos and violence from the left.

  • Seizing power – through the four-year organization and unimpeded execution of the greatest theft in American election history – paid off.

  • Any deviation or threat to socialist revolutionary groupthink will be impugned, punished or crushed.

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Truth has become an abstract concept; meaning truth is relative.

Relative truth has spawned multiple “truths” with situational qualities, definition or origin. Absolute truth is now a meaningless burden which impedes individualism. Relative truth – toward achieving a greater end – is legitimized through situational circumstance or preferred perspective. In other words, truth, in its pure divine form, cannot exist.

Far from over, the battle for the soul of a nation continues to intensify.

R.J. Ogaard, Crookston