The country is on the verge of breaking up due to obvious election malfeasance during the 2020 presidential election, and all the Herald is publishing is local weather and sporting events.

Whether by big tech suppression by blocking discussion of information regarding the Biden family’s financial dealing in China and Ukraine; the dead voting, illegals voting, voters who vote multiple times or election malfeasance from local election officials rigging the voting machines in the middle of the night.

These are legitimate accusations being sworn to under penalty of perjury by people who actually experienced them. They were forbidden to view vote counting, and if they witnessed mishandling of ballots they were unable to challenge them; but most egregious was that prior to the stopping of counting in the middle of the night President Trump was in the lead in all the battleground states, but somehow Joe Biden received vast troves of ballots appeared from under tables that gave Biden victory.

Candidate Biden rarely left his basement to campaign and when he did more it was nothing short of an embarrassment because of his obvious mental decline. The polls too were wrong; so what can explain the election of Joe Biden? It is a statistical anomaly that must be answered before the nation can move forward; especially given the threats of democrats to eliminate the electoral college, pack the Supreme Court, abolish parts of the Bill of Rights, open borders, government run health care for all including illegals, and the abolishing student debt.

The failure of the Supreme Court to take up the Texas claim that other states were disenfranchised by unconstitutional changes to voting laws, something which North Dakota signed on to, provides more questions. Given impeachment over a phone call, and false accusations of Russian interference we need real answers now.

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Dwight Messner, Grand Forks