The continued efforts of Donald J. Trump to overturn a legitimately elected president are almost unbelievable. It all smacks of Orwell’s “1984” and Nazism rolled up into one. The ill-advised efforts of Trump and his clown show of attorneys continuing to file court challenges seeking to overturn the election results and the willingness of his followers to blindly fund those useless lawsuits leads sane-minded persons to marvel at their behavior. Do Trump's donors know that most of the money they give goes into Donald's private slush fund?

Never in my wildest dreams did I think North Dakota’s attorney general would lend his support to the ill-advised lawsuit brought to the Supreme Court by the extreme right-wing Texas attorney general to try to disenfranchise innumerable voters in four other sovereign states. I never thought I would live to see that kind of seditious behavior by those elected to serve the best interests of our states and nations.

Yet, despite that insanity, the majority of Americans have revealed that we know the difference between a democratic republic and a clown show. The time is dwindling down toward the day that the Trump circus will be pulling up stakes, and sanity will move into the White House. Once again we will have a president and first lady of whom all Americans will find to be honest, dignified, trustworthy, and compassionate. Joe Biden wants to be the president for all Americans, not just for those who voted for him.

I pray for my fellow Americans who have been duped by the snake-oil charms of Trumpism that they will have a change of heart about who Joe Biden is and what he wants to do for them. Trump has lied to his followers and poisoned their minds. He never cared for the poor nor the middle class; he cared only for himself and the wealthy of this nation. He certainly did not care for American servicemen and women, nor for veterans. Good riddance!

Dale Emery, Grand Forks