What is a better way to spend one’s pandemic isolation time than to watch UND hockey?

Right? No!

Instead of enjoying the game, fans were subjected to seeing two UND players kneel during our national anthem. What a disgrace. I’m ashamed.

I highly doubt Coach Berry made this decision single-handedly. Someone else signed off on the idea. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I always thought UND was a state university administered and staffed by highly educated people. Yet they seem to believe the only way to highlight racial disparities is to dishonor our country, the military, and the veterans who have died so we may enjoy our freedoms?

When you dishonor our flag, you are spitting on the graves of those veterans. You speak English today, not German, because of them. People of Jewish and African-American descent are alive because of them.

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No, this country isn’t perfect, but we have come a long way in 160 years. Disrespectful actions will not make the necessary improvements, it only creates division. Use your intellect to find the correct way to bring about those changes.

And please don’t use the excuse that kneeling is not meant to be disrespectful. Those actions tell the whole story -- ask any veteran or any active duty military. Read the protocols to be observed during the anthem.

I will leave the question of whether or not this action by a tax funded, and alumni supported, state university is even proper, for others to debate. Again, simply find a better way.

Smith is a 1969 graduate of UND and a U.S. military veteran.