As years have accumulated, I have noticed many of the rights we used to have and live by have changed to illegal activities. The rights of the people keep getting chipped away. The only hope we have is that every four years we have an election for our President. It is one hope that is sacred. As when “we the people” express our beliefs through a ballot on that day, it is at least one thing left we can count on. Or can we?

A corrupt or skewed election process removes hope. The computers and personnel that have been working this recent election have, in some cases, created an issue where one freedom we have left is now in peril. This activity leads to dictatorship and that may be where this is headed. What good will it do to vote in the next election if you know it is already rigged for an outcome you may or may not agree with?

Regardless who each of us voted for, the one guarantee we need is that the election will be fair and honest. Anyone that upsets the fairness and honesty of an election has, in my opinion, committed treason and should be dealt with accordingly.

The Kennedy assasination was definitely a coup d’état and history has proved it. A rigged election can be another coup d’état except instead of bullets, this happens with ballots, with the end result being the same.

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