I love North Dakota and have always been proud of the character of its citizens. However, I wonder if North Dakota’s Congressmen, Sen. Hoeven, Sen. Cramer and Rep. Armstrong, recognize their new characters portrayed by their continued support of President Trump. When he continues to fight his loss of the election.

So far, 250,000 Americans have died and millions are at risk. When President Trump ignores the seriousness of COVID-19, you are saying American lives don’t matter.

When President Trump refuses to concede the election and let President-elect Biden have access to important information, you are saying the votes of American citizens do not count. When President Trump lies again and again, millions of people believe COVID-19 is a hoax and the election was fraudulent, you are saying that lying is acceptable.

Every time President Trump disrespects people he doesn’t like and calls them names and acts like a bully, you are saying it is acceptable to call Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris a monster and US soldiers suckers and losers. Every time President Trump threatens a Democratic governor, you are saying it is acceptable for the president to respect and work only with Republicans.

Every time President Trump thinks that laws do not apply to him, you are saying that laws do not need to be obeyed. Every time President Trump fires some experienced public official who disagrees with him and replaces that official with someone with absolutely no experience, you are saying public officials do not need to have experience in that field.

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Every time President Trump retaliates against someone who doesn’t support his plans, you are saying people should fear him and keep their mouths shut. When President Trump rules in a way that endangers our democracy, you are saying that democracy in America is not that important.

When President Trump files frivolous lawsuits, you are saying the courts have plenty of time for this behavior. And when President Trump emulates Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un and disrespects our allies, you are saying America’s image worldwide does not matter.

Are these the characteristics that show North Dakotans what you stand for? It’s time to withdraw your support from President Trump and use your power to convince the others in Congress it’s time to bring respect and decency back to America.