A suggested new slogan for the Washington Post, New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and the Comedy News Channel (CNN): "We Don't Report. We Decide for You."

Corporate news media’s partisan slop – packaged and presented as “objective journalism” – is regarded as just that, slop, by a growing majority of American citizens who have little or no trust in news media. Credible polling puts that figure at just over 70% of the population. It’s a substantiated fact, unreported by those who produce the bilge.

On the eve of the election, both ABC and NBC ignored major news that U.S. manufacturing had hit a two-year high. Both were derelict on the massive Dow Jones Industrial Average surge following Moderna’s vaccine news of a 95% success rate in testing, continuing a demented trend of suffocating news stories that jeopardize preferred narratives and the efforts of political thespians who seek power.

Denial of the obvious does not diminish the obvious.

From the attempted coup of President Trump four years ago, to Joe Biden’s schemes to enrich his family through Russia and Communist China, to the boycott and dismissal of Tera Reid’s credible accusation of sexual assault, to Biden’s mental deterioration, corporate national media’s attempt to hold back the dam before a flood of information breaks through is historically shameful.

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Information censorship – from Big Tech to the propaganda arms of corporate media – poses a serious threat to our precious First Amendment. This is an incredibly dangerous moment for the country and may prove to be a pivotal point in the future of America’s democratic republic. As with Julius Caesar, did we just cross the Rubicon?