If you call yourself proud to be an American, are a veteran, an active duty service member, or even a person in public office let me remind you of the oath taken by our service members, veterans, and members of public office. We are to protect and defend the Constitution at all cost, at all times, against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Many of us have taken that oath to protect all the American people's freedoms and liberties, some even overseas to fight for those same freedoms but now we need to fight for those freedoms at home more than ever. We are in some of the nation's darkest times with COVID-19 roaring through every US city and taking lives. We need to make choices to protect those we love, but also to make sure that corrupt leaders are not using this as an opportunity to frame on and destroy our very liberties and freedoms as Americans.

Some leaders have already attempted to take away our Second Amendment rights because they feel threatened by that very right. Now they are placing actual laws that Congress isn't even allowed to pass to prohibit us from peacefully assembling with our loved ones. This is a clear violation of our First Amendment, which states, "Congress shall not pass any law that prohibits the freedom of speech, press, religion and peaceful assembly.” Yet our very leaders are attempting to do so. This goes against the very foundation of America and what it means to be an American.

Now is the time more than ever to make our voices heard and bring democracy out louder than ever and let them know we will not stand for their attempts to covertly destroy this nation and our Constitution and liberties. People, now is the time to stand and be heard.

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