Monday, Nov. 23, is Public Health Thank You Day. I believe this recognition and “thank you” is more important than ever this year.

During this Thanksgiving week, let’s all thank our Grand Forks Public Health workforce, who are committed to overcoming challenges and finding solutions to protect the health of all residents of the region. They dedicate their time and energy to combat public health crises such as COVID-19 and other community health threats. This year these heroes are working continuously to keep our city and country safe from infectious disease. They do this by administering vaccines, promoting mental health and physical health, ensuring the health and safety of food service establishments and protecting the environment among many other efforts.

In 2020, as we face down the most dangerous pandemic in a century, my gratitude is deeper than ever. I have the honor to serve on the Board of Health for Grand Forks city and county and have seen the passion and dedication our public health employees give to their work. I know many of them have been working without a break since this pandemic started in March.

One way we can demonstrate our thanks for our public health workforce is to wear masks, wash our hands, distance, cooperate with contact tracers and take a moment to reflect on their role in helping us all stay safe. We can help them by treating each other with compassion and empathy right now.

Along with Research!America and many other leading organizations from around the country, the Grand Forks City and County Board of Health will mark Monday, Nov. 23, 2020 as Public Health Thank You Day and salute our public health heroes. Let’s all join in and remember to give thanks for our public health workers.