I am writing to extend sincere appreciation to all staff at Altru for all of their efforts to serve our community during the pandemic.

Altru was aggressive in forming a command team before the pandemic was relevant in the U.S. Once it was clear this was something that would impact our community, leaders across the organization worked together swiftly to determine how to safely manage a pandemic while continuing needed care to our community.

Within two days of the concept development of a hotline for the community to call, a COVID screening hotline and corresponding curbside testing process was in place. The hotline and curbside are staffed with Altru nurses, residents and providers who came from across the healthy system to ensure our community has a safe, effective option for testing and care for an essentially unknown virus.

Something we as a community should note – this screening and community-based testing is not the norm. The majority of health systems nationally do not offer these services. Altru offering these services has allowed partners in public health to focus more on resources such as contact tracing, which is an incredibly important component of managing the spread of COVID-19.

When facilities closed out of an abundance of caution, Altru’s provider teams turned to virtual care options to ensure their patients could continue important care. Altru’s focus throughout the pandemic has been the safety of their staff, patients and our community. As their staff is continuing to provide care to our community, please remember they are our neighbors, friends, family members and very much part of our community. As they are fatigued with this pandemic, I urge all community members to do what we can to continue to support them and thank them for all they are doing to keep our community safe.