Thank you to all the veterans that protect our democracy. Our greatest generation deserves our respect and deep gratitude. That said, sadly, many of our seniors continue to die from Covid at an astonishing and avoidable rate.

The best way to honor them is to help protect and care for them every day. Some ways we can all help protect them is to wear a mask in public, sanitize, physical distance, test, and help trace to reduce spread and save lives.

To help illustrate how our actions that follow health expert's advice can indeed help reduce spread, let's look to Vermont's success.

Vermont has 624,000 people, 80% of North Dakota's population. As of Nov. 11, 2020, in just the past five days, North Dakota has had 73 fellow North Dakotans killed by the pandemic. That is more than the 59 people Vermont has lost to the virus since the pandemic started.

In the past three days alone, North Dakota has had more cases (2,779) than Vermont has had from the beginning (2,535 total covid cases).

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North Dakota has the most covid deaths and new daily cases per capita. North Dakota lost 686 people killed by covid, the majority from our greatest generation.

Gov. Burgum, please follow your own good advice from your Main Street conference and follow best practices proven to reduce spread in other states and countries, and issue an emergency mask mandate and gathering restrictions.