President Trump lost the election, but he will remain president until Inauguration Day, Jan. 20. By then, COVID-19’s kill count may exceed 400,000 – the number we lost during World War II.

Trump’s lead task force advisor is Scott Atlas, a medical outlier who wants to achieve “herd immunity” through a combination of mass infections and a vaccine. This is a bad idea.

Researchers at the CDC have said that widespread vaccinations are unlikely before spring or summer – even with Pfizer’s wonderful news. Until then, if we don’t at least mandate masks, the Reaper’s blade will get ever quicker.

Yet, that is Trump’s plan. Let the virus run wild.

If Trump remains president until Jan. 20, we will lose 75 precious days when we could have fought the virus and saved lives. Every day Trump remains in office will be another day of avoidable funerals.

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To reduce the heartache of Covid’s relentless spread, President Elect Biden must begin immediately to form a new task force, build supply chains and arrange for the quick production and deployment of essential supplies.

To his credit, that is exactly what Biden is doing. Let us wish him Godspeed.

With Trump gone, Biden will rejoin the World Health Organization and depoliticize the CDC, restoring it’s stature as the finest epidemiological resource in the world.

The microbial conflagration that is killing Americans wholesale will shrink into easily managed brush fires. Our economy will rebound. And this era of insanity will end.