As Americans there is one thing that we should all agree on, and that is respecting each other. Regardless of how this election turns out, life goes on and so must we. Therefore, we must strive to respect one another regardless of what happens. Neighbors are neighbors regardless of who they voted for or what they believe in.

I believe the same goes for other decisions made in government, just like with the Line 3 Replacement Project.

The decision to move forward with the Line 3 project is being decided on multiple levels of state government, and the people in those departments have spent hundreds of hours collaborating in good faith for Minnesotans to make sure this project was the right thing for Minnesota.

Why wouldn’t we trust them, and respect the decision?

Those who disagree with the decisions about Line 3 still need to respect those who have done their jobs to approve the project. They need to take into account the people who will be working hard during the construction of the project. We can’t forget about the safety of the workers and the communities along the pipeline route, and treating them with respect is the right thing to do.