A new Gallup/Knight Foundation poll shows that 73% of Americans distrust political news reporting by corporate media, believing most major news organizations blend their own political agenda into news coverage.

The examples of information slanting are numerous, with the latest coming from NBC News as they recycled and identified specific political supporters as “undecided voters” in a recent Florida town hall broadcast, suggesting an attempt to affect public opinion while pretending to measure it.

Media bias often comes down to framing. It can also be found and documented in the suppression of relevant news, events and actions which carry tremendous impact for our American cultural and system of government.

Fearing COVID has become a rather effective tool toward achieving drastic societal change and control through complicit media. Prudent action, rational thought and courageous examples of confronting COVID threaten that narrative. Being afraid of COVID does not kill or retard it. One does not need to be afraid to oppose coronavirus. In fact, excessive fear will cripple the critical thinking necessary for responding appropriately to this threat.

Irrational fear serves a useful political purpose. In times of fear and heightened danger, good leaders have always told their people to take heart – as a duty. The great Winston Churchill and former president Franklin Roosevelt are prime examples of leading with confidence amid chaos. Fear is the enemy of a free people because fear makes self-government impossible. It clouds our judgment. Note those who encourage or promote fear and consider their ultimate goals and the effects of listening to them; in fear.