I’ve read for some time now how the schools have been doing all they can to try to keep kids from possibly spreading or catching the virus. That’s honorable and the right thing, but in the end it’s pretty much futile.

I live across the street from a playground with a basketball court and playground equipment. I’ve been seeing kids over there before school started a week ago or so and now after they come back from school most days. Any social distancing or wearing masks goes right out the door once these kids are away from adult supervision. They’re wrestling, playing basketball, grabbing equipment some other kid just touched, and pretty much playing like kids always play.

Maybe kids playing like that wouldn’t be all that bad, but how many kids come from families who refuse to do any of the basics like wear a mask because they’ve bought into this awful spin that the virus is a hoax?

So when it reaches their families, then these kids will pass it on to the other kids and then no matter how careful you’ve tried to be, it ends up in your house. I just do not see any way going to school will not end up spreading the virus once the adults aren’t watching.

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