I just read another opinion about wearing masks. OK, a show of hands: Who knew the definition of comorbidities? You six can stay, the other 47,346 can leave now. Hey, quit shoving, I’m in line with you.

Opinions abound for and against the wearing of masks. Some people offer anecdotal statistics to enhance their opinion. And some use words that force us to stop reading and go to Google to stay afloat. Ugh. By definition opinions are not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. The definition, it would seem, can be an obstacle in bringing legitimacy to one’s presentation of their perspective.

If wearing a mask is where some people draw the line, I say good for you. Breathe deep, my friend, breathe deep and slow. But don’t bother taking your line to major retailers or medical facilities, or government buildings, or, well you get it. You will have to pick up your line while standing in line and put on a mask if you want to enter these linear thinking line haters. A skeptic might think the retailers are enforcing the mask rule just to sell masks made in China.

The fact that there are so many people against wearing masks based on the “fact” that only the dispensable (collectively, the old, the feeble, or the weak among us are likely to feel any real ill effects of this virus (death comes to mind) is reason enough for the young and the restless to carry on as if the dispensable will soon be gone and life will be all the better for the survivors. At least for those without a conscience, or a connection to the old, the feeble, or the weak.

So, my warning to the old, the feeble, the weak, my kind of people, would be to get out of the pool. Darwin’s Pool Cleaning Service is on the way and they specialize in eradicating worn out genes.