Broke? Let’s fix it. Eight-five to 90% of the people believe that our democracy serves the “elite” and not the common good of all the people (U. of Maryland study of 2016).

The core principle of equality has been corrupted as some of the institutions of our democracy do not represent us equally as per Lawrence Lessig in his book, “They Don’t Represent Us.” He explains how the electoral college, gerrymandering, campaign funding, opportunity to vote, filibusters, seniority systems and other flaws in our democracy result in the loss of equal representation. The system is broken and those who can make changes do nothing. The result is a dysfunctional government which does not represent the people equally. Injustice multiplies and this brings protests, violence and loss of faith. Loss of faith affects the collapse of government.

Our challenge is to fix the flaws in the system and reclaim our democracy with equal representation for all. You may volunteer with Common Cause, which is a national organization devoted to this purpose, and you may connect with the Minnesota Alliance for Democracy, which is focusing on the problem of gerrymandering. Several states have already enacted legislation to correct the problem of gerrymandering while North Dakota does not have this problem due to its small population.

However, many other flaws remain to be corrected as we follow the guidance in the Good Book, Isaiah 1:17, “Seek justice ...”

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