Sadly, North Dakota has 337 new cases of COVID-19, as of Aug 26. It’s a new record we don't want to break. This week, according to tracking site Covid Act Now, North Dakota and Mississippi are the only two states currently listed as red (active or imminent outbreak) on their risk chart.

Let's all do our part and wear a mask in public. It's an effective tool along with physical distancing, and sanitizing often, all are proven ways each of us can do to help. Another way to help is to donate blood and you also get an antibody test.

There is evidence that shows the states that have been experiencing a decline in COVID-19 cases, Florida and Arizona for example, have some form of mask mandate in place and have also slowed on some of their reopening policies.

Other countries that have been more proactive and followed the advice of health experts have fared much better than the US in battling the spread of Covid 19. Let's follow the best practices of those countries.

The US has a bit more than 4% of the global population and 24% of the global cases.

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The global tally for confirmed coronavirus cases has risen to 23.7 million, as of Tuesday, Aug. 25, with the death toll climbing to 813,544, according to Johns Hopkins University. The U.S. has by far the most cases at 5.7 million, and the most deaths at 177,279.

Thanks to all the people in our health care services for their excellent work and thanks to people wearing masks in public. Kudos to the wonderful people making more washable masks available. We're better working together to beat this pandemic.