To the editor,

Don't let statistics confuse and bully you. You may have heard that COVID has claimed 96 North Dakotans. That is false. According to the CDC it has claimed 34 lives factoring out comorbidities such as influenza, motor crashes, etc. This applies nationally as well. We are no longer in a health emergency if we are to believe official sources over scaremongering.

The Grand Forks Herald recently published, on its website, a piece written by Forum Communications columnist Jim Shaw: “The U.S. has 4% of the world’s population, but an astounding 26% of the world’s coronavirus cases.” False. The U.S., at best, claims 26% of tested cases. According to, the U.S. has edged, in just a week, from fourth place to third in tests per million globally.

Shaw points to “our neighbors to the north” (Manitoba) as exemplars of tighter restrictions. He'd have you believe they are enforcing masks up there. They aren't as of July 27, two days after his article was published.

Manitoba, despite a metropolis exceeding 750,000, has stayed mask-free and maintained a low fatality rate.

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Why do the opposite of what works? What about health risks to mask-wearing? We're supposed to live in submission indefinitely to avoid spreading a virus whose death toll is going down even as testing increases and we're shamed for even questioning the effects of long-term mask wearing? What happens when you don't breathe in sufficient oxygen or fail to exhale CO2? Two possible effects are hypoxia and hypercapnia, both of which can lead to a slew of medical problems later on.

This mask propaganda needs to be seriously challenged and not accepted as a solution to the transmission of COVID, nor even as a benign token gesture. And we must not allow stupid policies to be foisted upon us without an airing of facts. In far too much of this country that has been happening.

Let's keep Grand Forks and North Dakota sane in the face of mass hysteria.

Edward Morris

East Grand Forks