This letter is being written in response to the recent slams against Mayor Bochenski’s remarks regarding masks. We support his comments about not forcing people to wear face masks. Because he is being attacked in the paper by the loud minority, we think it is time for the silent majority to speak up.

We respect people’s choice to wear a face mask. We choose not to wear face masks.

We are not buying into the hype about a pandemic. It has been overblown by the media to create fear. When people are afraid you have control.

We know people that have lost a loved one by conditions other than coronavirus, yet the death certificate says coronavirus even though they were never even tested. Why?

We hear from people, directly, not through news media, that were never tested, yet they receive notification they tested positive. Again, and again you hear of false positives. In the era of technology, we cannot do a better job than that?

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You are told it is a pandemic, yet I wonder why don’t we hear anything about the homeless? They do not social distance, or have access to a sterile environment? Wouldn’t this pandemic wipe them out?

When we hear the term “New Normal” it makes our blood boil. Are we going to sit back, roll over, throw our hands in the air and settle for this new normal?

The term itself is sick! Like the term social distance -- how can social and distance be used in the same sentence?

So, our “new normal” is forced quarantine, wearing masks, breathing in your own bodily waste, turning in your neighbor because they have a gathering over the minimum limit. Living in constant fear because of media, dwelling strictly on the death tolls.

No concern on the accuracy of those numbers. Now the “new normal” is forcing you to comply. Yet they let criminals out of jail because of the virus?

It’s shutting down the economy, forcing businesses to lose everything.

We respect people’s choice to wear a mask. We wish they would respect our choice not to.

We commend Mayor Bochenski for standing up to the loud minority and fully support him. It takes courage and is the sign of a true leader.

Keep up the good work.