The mayor's insipid comment about mask-wearing shows a dismaying lack of leadership on an important question.

I guess there could be disagreements about the need for a mask mandate at our current level of infection, but he can’t even manage to encourage mask-wearing. Saying that people should wear masks “if they are comfortable with it” shows that he has little to no regard for the health of our community. The evidence is strong, both from the example of other countries and from peer-reviewed scientific publications, that if we would all wear masks we could get the virus under control in a matter of weeks. Around half the people who are infected have no symptoms but can still spread the virus.

I wear my mask to protect you in case I’m one of those people. I hope you will wear one to protect me. Case numbers are rising in North Dakota, but we can turn that around.

And if the mayor really wants to show leadership, he should wear one all the time himself and strongly encourage everybody to do the same.

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