In May, Herald columnist Chuck Haga made an appeal: “I hope there will be a new respect for science, facts and truth.” Agreed. Let’s start with the denial of a basic, inalienable right, from which all other rights flow.

CNN aired a June segment that ran afoul of approved pro-abortion talking points and phraseology within corporate news media. They called an unborn baby an “unborn baby” – void of partisan euphemisms. It passed muster because it served the “Black Lives Matter” insurgency.

The guest was Ebony Chisholm, who had written an op-ed titled “A Letter to My Beautiful, Black Unborn Baby” in the Hartford Courant. Chisholm read the 750-word piece on air, describing the development of her baby – based on medical science – shedding light on the humanity of the unborn to an audience that probably rarely gets that perspective.

“I’m now in the beginning stages of my second trimester. During this time of pregnancy is when you’re beginning to move your arms and legs, you have all your fingers and toes, your facial features are becoming more defined and my stomach is starting to become more noticeable. Your Dad and I should be thinking about who you will look like more, when will we feel you kick for the first time.”

Any Black child in the womb has a far greater chance of being aborted than murdered by racists. Black babies are aborted at more than three times the rate of white babies. In 2014, 259,336 black lives were snuffed out before they could breathe – that’s more than the top 15 leading causes of deaths among African Americans combined.

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Making up 13% of the population, 40% of the nation’s abortions are committed on African Americans. What percentage of the dead were female? The bulk of that killing occurs at Planned Parenthood facilities, founded by racist and eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who advocated the selective breeding of the “finest flowers” to prevent “human weeds.” Her 1939 “Negro Project” reflects that perspective.

Boston’s Art Commission voted unanimously to remove the city’s copy of a statue depicting a formerly enslaved man at the feet of the great emancipator Abraham Lincoln, while a statue of Sanger remains undisturbed in that city. Apparently, an image of Lincoln and emancipation and a freed slave is traumatic, while Sanger’s appalling racism and the killing of millions of Black babies isn’t.