It was highly predictable: White cop shoots and kills black man, national news.

In Atlanta, an African-American man is stopped by two cops for allegedly falling asleep in his car at a fast-food drive-thru. If it is to be believed, a sobriety test administered confirmed that said individual was legally intoxicated and was to be arrested.

What was the response to the attempted arrest? It was that of any rational person. Grab the policeman’s taser and then take off running. Now, would I have shot him? Absolutely not. No “Stop or I’ll shoot!” here. There was no threat to the policeman, and the suspect was not behind the wheel. The irony is that the actions of the policeman may have saved other people’s lives. Nothing like a drunk lunatic behind the wheel wiping out a family.

I’m going to reserve judgment. Was this individual nuts or is there something we don’t know about? Were there any outstanding warrants or is this a case of stupidity and callousness? No Michael Brown here.

The mayor of Atlanta is a leading candidate for the Democratic vice presidential nomination. This will add to her resume. Kamala Harris is out with Joe Biden. She had it right. Check out what Biden had to say about the South and its tradition during the Ruth Bader Ginsburg confirmation hearings. Biden is a three dollar bill. As for Ginsburg, she’ll hang on until after the election, even if it takes life support.