Mr. Bochenski won because Mayor Brown and the City Council lost touch with voters.

For example, legislators gave ND a 28 mil tax cut, but the city passed a 21 mil increase. My taxes are four times higher than my previous house, despite its smaller size.

The city overlooked requiring the Boden apartments to have pedestrian access to the Columbia Road bridge in 2015.

The council and mayor are revitalizing downtown, supported by many. Why use taxpayer money to buy and renovate the Herald building? To sell to a developer for a pittance? Or to announce, "We have a library!"? Stay out of the real estate business. The library must be accessible to school children. To say it is still central or accessible by walking or bus is ridiculous; downtown is not central, nor easily accessible. Why not partner with the Campbell Library, or have a drop-off station instead?

For a new bridge location, a huge mistake (decades ago) made 32nd Avenue South school and residential near the river. This is the logical place for a bridge to be built, but horrible for those neighborhoods. In considering where to build, ask who would use the bridge most and why. It seems no one is asking these questions, and voter input is nonexistent. A bridge at 47th or Merrifield is too far south for most Grand Forks residents, and even more for East Grand Forks, which ends across from Lincoln Park.

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Mr. Bochenski stopped an apartment rezoning at his south-end neighborhood, garnering enormous voter support. I'm opposed to rezonings that decrease property values, but not apartments. A land-use plan should be in place before an area is developed; not fair to switch later.

Mr. Bochenski got in trouble as a teenager but learned from his mistakes. Mayor Brown was a good mayor; he leaves a legacy and accomplished much in his tenure. For that, I thank him.