To help our community combat the public health and economic challenges of Covid-19, Mayor Michael Brown formed the Economic Response Advisory Group. As representatives of Altru, UND, banking, elder care facilities, small businesses and large industries, we are uniquely able to provide insight, ideas and actions that promote Grand Forks’ economic recovery.

The guiding principle of this work is the recognition that the health of our citizens and the success of our businesses are inextricably intertwined. To date, our work has helped to incubate

● a strategic local testing and data analysis framework;

● a partnership with UND and local business to better understand face covering usage;

● a business survey and the development of a public dashboard;

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● initiatives to enhance “buy local” campaigns.

Building on the early success of a series of listening sessions, we continue to monitor local input to provide the public with data that reflect our community’s health, business climate and consumer confidence. We look at emerging trends to identify opportunities and threats, and then identify potential steps to address them. In addition to our local work, we will support and influence decision-making at the regional, state, and federal levels, and work to maximize the use of outside funding while acknowledging the importance of local responsibility and self-reliance.

Grand Forks’ leaders are committed to a recovery effort that recognizes that economic growth requires a safe and healthy community, and that the health and safety of our community requires a strong economy. We are preparing for future challenges as well as a brighter future, and we are grateful for this opportunity to serve.