Like many Americans, I lay awake wondering about the future. It’s hard to think about anything but what the world might look like in a month or even a year.

Though I have the same thoughts and feelings as other Americans, I am not treated as though the uncertainties pertain to me. See, I am one of the college students. The ones that are a dependent on taxes, but an independent adult in the eyes of the public by no choice of my own. I did not receive and will not receive the stimulus check because my parents claimed me as a dependent on their taxes, even though I, too, filed taxes and have filed since I was old enough to have a job in the summer.

I am a dependent when concerning the $1,200 stimulus check, but my parents will not receive a $500 check for me like other families will for their dependents because I am over 17. However, I still have to worry about paying my bills.

Some of the recipients will still be putting a paycheck in their pocket, some will not. Others will still get to benefit from the small amount of unemployment they will be drawing from. I will not, as I am a student, and cannot draw from unemployment even though my job at the college has left me without the ability to work from home.

Now the money that I was guaranteed by the government at the beginning of the school year, via work study, will not be given to me.

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I was also hoping that I would be able to find a summer job, but with the broken economy, and constant fear of possibly infecting my severely asthmatic fiancé with the daunting virus, it looks like those prospects may also be out the window.

They aren’t talking about us or thinking about our well-being – the most vulnerable of our young people who are stuck finishing up college via Zoom, and being cast out into the “real world” to start our “adult lives.” That’s why we need to stand up, represent ourselves and fight for the assistance that we deserve from our university, state and federal government.

Those stuck in the middle should not be glanced over during this time.