President Trump made preposterous claims during his State of the Union address. For one thing, he announced that our country’s economy is the greatest it has ever been. Not true, Mr. President. His lies and half-truths now amount to more than 16,000 in just over three years.

While he loves to trash “the previous administration,” the last 37 months of the Obama years produced greater increases in job creation, actual wage growth, and GDP than the first 37 months of the Trump years. Additionally, under Barack Obama, the unemployment rate dropped 5% compared to the 2.2% drop under Donald Trump.

President Trump also applauded himself for being a champion in keeping pre-existing conditions in health policies. If he fancies himself as the savior of that issue, he needs to tell his friends in the House and Senate to lay off pre-existing conditions since they repeatedly have tried to remove that coverage.

On an issue outside his recent address, the president revealed his hypocrisy on the matter of proper patriotism toward the national anthem. A recent video of him, the first lady, and son Baron at a dinner in Florida showed him never putting his right hand over his heart. Instead, he was acting like a buffoon, as he joyously waved his hands as if he were a choir or band director.

When will North Dakota’s congressional delegation wake up to the fact that Donald Trump is killing the Republican party?