What the $38 million Mueller Report failed to do ended in an impeachment acquittal for President Trump.

Corresponding political hit pieces to take out a sitting president have also fizzled. More will come. The highly partisan, ill-advised, factually-starved, self-immolating three-plus-year impeachment and trial of Trump was not about Trump. It was about restoring lost power, revising domestic and foreign policy, restructuring the Supreme Court and the dispensing of retaliatory punishment for the millions of Americans who support the President.

The Democrats’ methods of impeachment lacerated foundational elements of constitutional rights and jurisprudence. Due process, judicial oversight and public transparency were trashed within the bowels of Congress, enabled by adversarial national media.

Absolute truth became an abstract concept, acquiescing to situational truth. The obsessive-compulsive prosecution of Trump was predicated on jaundiced opinion, fabricated re-creations of communication between heads of state, innuendo and second-hand hearsay.

Factual truth was either ignored or deemed irrelevant. Undaunted by the Senate’s acquittal, several influential House Democrats are promising an impeachment sequel, again at taxpayer expense.

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The ultimate verdict for all of this will arrive on Nov. 3. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, you’re fired.