To the editor,

I have often read of the distrust that the founding fathers of the United States had for us “common man.” Still, the resolve that our founding fathers had to help us Americans form and keep a system of government that would continue to serve the American people has, for me, clearly worked and is working now.

Two examples in point.

In the last election, the Electoral College kicked in and negated the Democrat Party’s strategy of targeting given states, assuming other voters in others states would simply vote against the Republican candidate; and secondly, with the impeachment articles the Democrat Party controlled House of Representatives have passed and are currently refusing to present to the Senate for a vote.

In the latter example, our founding fathers formed the Legislative branch of our government with the establishment of two Legislative branches, the House of Representatives and our Senate. Both branches of the Legislature have to mutually agree on laws to be passed, actions to be taken, wrongs to be corrected, etc.

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Therefore, even though our House of Representatives has passed impeachment articles against the current President, those articles need Senate approval and if the Senate fails to approve those articles, the removal of a president from office is null and void.

So, since I now say President Trump will not be removed from office, I can understand that some writers and readers of these letters to the editor may still have feelings on all, or even propose to try and impeach the president on some other issue.

So, I here put forward the understanding that all of us can easily agree upon, and I am sure our House of Representatives and our Senate would approve of – every country has the government it deserves.

Larry Yurkovich

Grand Forks