While raising my four children the artful skills of diaper changing were essential within my responsibilities and role as a parent. Occasionally, the cleanup was daunting; borderline intimidating.

The premise of “responsibility” has a direct correlation with accountability and credibility. Those qualities reflect the admirable characteristics of objective, hard-hitting investigative journalists.

Though low in number, they do exist. Too often their work is buried under an avalanche of journalistic propaganda masquerading as objective news by the political left and their corporate media enablers.

The dirty little secret of media’s influence peddling is that bias must be produced to achieve a desired result: persuasion and action. The disingenuous denial of that substantiated point – found once again in the horrific coverage of the impeachment scam – is laughable. When was the last time you read a regional editorial that admonished corporate media brethren for the damage they’ve inflicted on fellow journalists and their profession?

A concern for stepping on the wrong toes may provide the answer, as regional media re-print national news and opinion pieces provided by the Washington Post, New York Times and Reuters. The resurfacing of this tainted material, locally, is a huge reason why journalistic corruption is identified as systemic.

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Cleaning up media’s self-inflicted, premeditated mess is not the responsibility of the readers or the viewers who refuse to subsidize skewed journalism. That obligation lies with the sources of the mess. Barring a miracle epiphany, media’s pungent diaper of political prejudice will remain unchanged. Uff da.