Most North Dakota voters, of all political parties, are honest, hard-working, fair and civil. They respect and value the opinions of others, even those they don't agree with. We expect our elected officials to exemplify these values. Our congressional delegation has successfully represented North Dakota on local issues, but have failed miserably on the national scene. Their blind support of Trump is not worthy of North Dakota citizens.

President Trump isn't being impeached just for the Ukraine matter. He is the most dishonest, corrupt and immoral president in our history. He paid millions of dollars to settle lawsuits for running a sham university and a $2 million fine for corruption in his charitable foundation.

He ignores the advice of his aides and cabinet members. Most quit or are fired, after a short time, because they are sickened by his behavior. He denies climate change, as our western states burn and the Midwest floods. In China, people are risking their lives to get freedom of speech and the press, while our president attacks newspapers and the press as enemies of the people. He abandons our friends and allies causing hundreds of Kurds to be slaughtered by Turkey. Our deficit has risen to a trillion dollars a year because of reckless spending and a tax cut which overwhelmingly benefited the wealthy.

Our congressional delegation knows how bad Trump is, but they lack the courage to stand up and confront him. Republicans have choices other than Trump. There are many competent, moderate Republicans who could honorably represent their party and country. It is time for Republicans to move beyond the Trump disaster, and nominate someone who truly represents their conservative agenda and ideology. North Dakota voters deserve a congressional delegation who support our values, not Trumps.

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