It is so sad to see the three North Dakota members of Congress twist themselves into linguistic pretzels to try to justify their continued support of the person who may be the most corrupt and least productive president in our nation's history.

Why their continued allegiance to a man who is so morally bankrupt, so abysmally ignorant of the Constitution, and so obviously incapable of providing leadership to meet the glaring needs of our nation and its people is completely beyond my understanding. Given the way he treats other people, would any member of our congressional delegation dare to hold him up as a role model for their children and grandchildren?

His potty mouth surely must be, at the very least, embarrassing for them. It is time for Sens. Hoeven and Cramer and Congressman Armstrong to cast aside their political caps and don their patriotic hats. North Dakotans and Americans deserve no less from them.

I firmly believe that our three congressional members are intelligent men. It's time to demonstrate their intelligence by screwing on their courage, casting aside their fear, and demonstrating their integrity. To date they have been complicit in the sham and scam perpetrated on the American people by Donald J. Trump.

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