To the editor,

Very earlyTuesday morning I was driving through Grand Forks, primarily on DeMers, Columbia and South Washington. When I came upon the intersection of South Washington and DeMers, I first thought there was a water main break. The roads were drenched. However, after driving another mile on DeMers, it was obvious that the city was putting brine on the road.

All I could wonder was, ”Why?”

When I returned home I looked at the weather forecast and there was a prediction for less than one inch of snow for the next night, followed by several days of no precipitation. I simply cannot understand why Grand Forks uses this brine so recklessly. Are the drivers of Grand Forks so pitiful that even one inch of snow is a threat to public safety? I don’t think so.

I must admit in fairness, with the exception of overpasses, bridges, busy intersections, and a forecast for freezing rain, I am not a fan of brine at all. I see the brine itself as a threat. It destroys roads, automobiles, and just about anything it touches. Also, it simply transfers the freezing process from the normal range to a temperature range around zero degrees.

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And what is worse, in my opinion, is that snow flurries that normally slide off a cold, dry road with the slightest wind now adhere and melt on the road because of the brine.

I just do not get it. I think there is a legitimate argument that the brine causes more trouble than it allegedly solves.

Ronald Kulas

East Grand Forks