Is the object to stop the Enbridge pipeline or stop oil transportation? Stopping the pipeline and not oil means oil transportation will be handled by railroad only. More rail traffic means more town congestion as trains move through centers of the towns. Longer trains impede emergencies and emergency medical staff caught on the opposite side of the tracks from hospitals.

President Ford, in a State of the Union address, begged Congress for a national program to be energy independent. Fifty years later, we finally have energy independence.

Oil dependence virtually ended former President Carter’s presidency and has since financed much terrorism around the world.

The job of the Minnesota Department of Commerce is Minnesota business. The department is totally and completely unqualified to speak to national security issues.

Our public is aware that Enbridge paid $ 4.6 million in Marshall County taxes alone last year. Alas, the railroad paid only $180,000. During 2013-2014, farmers lost millions if not billions of dollars as trains carried oil and left grain in the bins. Further, fertilizers and chemicals were shipped early assuring those products would be available for spring planting which cost farmers even more money. Business were even run at 80% or less efficiency because their units of factory power were not timely.

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The increased rail oil transportation costs were paid for at the fuel pumps; every Minnesota citizen paid more. Farmers paid dearly. Monopolies do not work.

The reason for the pipeline is simple. The old pipeline is not safe anymore; thus, for public safety Enbridge will replace an old pipeline without any taxpayer dollars.

Minnesota will gain new safety. Other Minnesota gains are union-backed, high-paying jobs at no taxpayer costs.

If we don't need the pipeline in 20 years, so be it, because only Enbridge will foot the bill. All this makes an easy call for Gov. Walz to make. “One Minnesota” means all Minnesota.