The Herald wrote in an editorial (July 31: “Holocaust lessons must be learned”) that we should remember the murder of six million Jews in WWII.

Why? The Turks murdered over a million Armenians a century ago, and no one cared or remembers. Stalin murdered six million Ukrainian peasants in the thirties and no one cared or remembers. Chairman Mao was responsible for the murder of no one knows how many million Chinese and no one cared or remembers. Pol Pot murdered over a million Cambodians mainly because they had a little western education, but no one cared and no one remembers. In Rwanda about a million Tutsi were murdered, no one cared and no one remembers. In WWII the American and British bomber command murdered a million German and Japanese civilians for no military reason — a man from Hamburg fighting on the Russian front was safer than his wife back home in Hamburg.

No one cares and no one remembers. I could go on as the human race has been killing for thousands of years.

But I’ve always wondered why so much fuss is made about the evil Nazi and Hitler and no one mentions Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot who were at least as bad, if not worse. I think the reason is we fought against the Nazis — not because they were killing the Jews but for other reasons. But we can feel very self righteous because we defeated the Nazis.

Since we ignored the others, we continue to ignore them, as we’re basically ignoring the education camps in western China.

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And there is another factor. We remember the Jews who were killed, but no one remembers the gypsies murdered during WWII. The gypsies are still being persecuted in parts of Europe but no one cares. I think a large part of it is that there are a lot of Jews in public places who for various reasons want the Holocaust remembered. The other groups just don’t have good publicity people.