Regarding a recent online column on by Rob Port.

Mr. Port, Democrats do not hate North Dakotans. Democrats do not hate Midwesterners. Democrats hate the ideology of apathy that red states brew.

Was President Obama wrong when he said that Midwesterners cling to guns, religion and antipathy to those who are unlike them? North Dakota resides in a "bubble" of its own. Far enough to ignore the harsh realities of the southern border, but close enough to have an opinion on them. White enough to deny a racism problem exists, but still apparently the target of "racism" from the rest of the country. Sheltered enough to stay safe from the domestic terrorism that plagues the rest of the country, but still somehow the victims of it.

This "bubble" was exemplified too perfectly in Port’s piece: crying bloody murder of hatred towards North Dakotans while 26 people lost their lives in horrific, hate-fueled attacks just hours prior. It's time to take responsibility for what must be done in this country, and that means acknowledging the hate that radiates through our state and the country, not the hate the evil Democrats send to the Great Plains.

Republicans, North Dakotans, and you are not the victims.