Americans who support common-sense gun laws must call out our elected officials to shed their allegiance to anyone or any organization which supports putting a gun in the hands of everyone who wants one.

The huge amount of money given by the National Rifle Association to political candidates, $56 million, is the reason no action is being taken by elected officials to keep Americans safe. In light of the most recent shootings, the tired and obviously false assumption that if everyone had a gun there would be no mass shootings falls flat. Among the customers at the Walmart in Texas, someone would have had a gun. None were used.

We need gun safety laws. We must be loud; we must call, write, and make nuisances of ourselves. Not voting for a candidate who is taking money from the NRA must be something each of us does. Call them out. Sen. Hoeven, Sen. Cramer, Rep. Armstrong, how much money have you taken from the NRA? And please don’t tell us that the NRA has contributed to you, but you won’t let that influence your vote. We are not stupid and it is not hard to find out. Just ask Google “Which senators have received money from the NRA?”

And for those of us that you are representing and supposedly protecting, demand that Mitch McConnell bring the two gun bills languishing in the Senate to a vote. We all must do something or we will find ourselves lying on the floor of a Walmart.

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