To the editor,

Now and then the Legislature peels back an old scab to see if it's still pink underneath. HCR 3037 (rescinding North Dakota's ratification of the Equal Rights amendment) is a case in point. Various groups are rushing to the trenches to fight a battle decided 26 years ago, but apparently the battle lines have reversed.

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In 1983 the Legislature rescinded North Dakota's ratification of the ERA by passing SCR 4004, of which I was prime sponsor. Testifying in favor of the resolution to rescind were: NOW (National Organization for Women), the League of Women Voters, the Women's Network, AAUW (American Association of University Women), all strong supporters of the ERA. Opposing were many of the same folks who fought against ratification of the ERA in 1975.

SCR 4004 started, "Whereas, because of the expiration of the time period for ratification of the ERA by the states, the act of the Legislature in 1975 in adopting a resolution for the ratification is no longer effective."

The measure also asked that congress consider resubmitting the ERA to the states in the future.

So, with 3037, the ERA scab has been pulled back. It's maybe a little pink underneath so we are refighting a symbolic battle leading nowhere.

Been there, done that.

Sen. Ray Holmberg

Grand Forks