To the editor,

Thank you so much to the Grand Forks City Council members for showing the women and girls of Grand Forks and North Dakota your respect by unanimously opposing North Dakota House Resolution 3037 to rescind the Equal Rights Amendment of 1972.

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That our Legislature did this is unthinkable and unacceptable. The betrayal to women and girls is deep and hurtful. Next, our Senate will vote on this bill. May our area senators-Curt Kreun, Arne Ostand, Robert Fors, Scott Meyer and Ray Holmberg-vote against this horrendous bill, as I know Sen. JoNell Bakke will.

JoNell and our Grand Forks City Council are showing directness and common-sense support of the Equal Rights Amendment and the women and girls of North Dakota.

Kaye Carlson

Grand Forks