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UND, NDSU research bill fails in the House

Letter: Work together to get things done for ND

To the editor,

I am sure history is repeating itself on a national political stage, except tweeting is new, but the divide and the waste of time and money is unacceptable. Make deals, keep taxes low, strong economy, and military. It isn't rocket science.

I am saddened to see some of these same activities and the working relations with our legislators and Gov. Burgum. North Dakota is lucky to have intelligent legislators and a governor who has exceptional leadership experience. Gov. Burgum put together a very well-thought-out budget and if the legislators were truly doing what is best for constituents, they would have taken the time to understand it before just doing what they want.

I believe we can build the Teddy Roosevelt Library, fund K-12 education, get enrollments up at universities and figure out water issues if we all work with common interest in mind.

That is what is best for North Dakota.

Tommy Kenville

Grand Forks