To the editor,

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has indicated that his administration plans to continue the appeal against the Enbridge Line 3 replacement project. He says we must "follow the process, the law and the science."

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Given the governor is new to the office, I thought he should better understand the "process" this project has taken: Over four years of review by state regulators, extensive on-the-ground survey work and route modifications, the most in-depth environmental review process for a pipeline ever in the state of Minnesota, 65 public meetings, and seven days of deliberations by the PUC.

That process led to a unanimous decision by the PUC to approve the need to replace Line 3.

Apparently, Gov. Walz only means we should "follow the process, the law and science" when he likes the outcome.

It would have been nice for him to look at the economic benefit that rural Minnesota needs at this exact moment. This project isn't being paid for by tax dollars; it's creating tax dollars. Private investment by out-of-state companies doesn't always come along, and the jobs that it creates are all important.

Going to the meetings and watching the input personally I realize you can't make all parties happy, but that is why we attended and offered our support. Why we are dragging our feet is beyond me. Infrastructure always needs to be updated or replaced.

Slowing down the process only costs more to everyone involved.

Bruce Thygeson

Thief River Falls, Minn.