To the editor,

The winds of change, the winds of resistance clash together in one thunderous political war.

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Egged on through image and printed words, the exerting pressures of each wind against the other, continuously applying pressure as equal forces, stagnates the forward momentum of either wind.

And in the liminal space, between those two raging winds, there is acrimony, subterfuge, rage, pettiness, brute behaviors and all other ilk of distasteful behaviors. There is no room in this liminal space for bipartisanship, understandings of position, or even a kind word or look. So choked with individual political power, the space fights for a resolution and achievement of forward movement.

For two years these winds have clashed and with that clashing America is more divided along many political and social lines. There can be no unity until the two winds cease their clashing.

Kim Szondy Higgs

Grand Forks